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L   E   I   G   H       T   A   Y   L   O   R   -   K   R   O   N

- bass, lead and harmony vocals.

Leigh Taylor-Kron, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, moved to the Washington, DC area when she was a young girl. Leigh began following bluegrass music with her family when her mother, Barbara Taylor, became close friends with Charlie Waller of the Country Gentlemen. Leigh’s family began frequenting bluegrass festivals all along the east coast in the late 1970s.

Having taken up lessons on the bass violin in elementary school, and having grown up listening to bluegrass, she somehow "forgot" to bring her bow to her fifth-grade recital. A few years later she took up the bass again playing bluegrass exclusively. Leigh credits her bass influences as Ed "Boom Boom" Ferris, who used to refer to her as, "Little Boom Boom", John Palmer of Reno & Smiley and the Shenandoah Cut-Ups, Bill Yates of the Country Gentlemen and Tom Gray of the Country Gentlemen and The Seldom Scene. As her left hand grew sure and strong and her right hand more nimble she, like so many others who love and play our music, gained the confidence to abandon the turntable and join in pickin' sessions.

After several years of strictly instrumental work from Leigh, in her early teens, she opened her mouth to sing to the surprise and delight of her friends and family. The Virginia Songbird had left the nest and has never looked back. On the band’s Straight from the Heart album, Charlie Waller wrote of Leigh’s singing: "She has a clear tenor voice that is complimentary, not overpowering… that is how a tenor should be." Leigh is a great admirer of Hazel Dickens and Virginia's own Patsy Cline and strives to bring something of the strength, clarity and "heart" of their voices to Patent Pending.

Leigh joined Patent Pending in her mid-teens and grew to become an integral part of the full range of the Patent Pending sound, taking her place with the others to fill the subtle or the soaring parts in sacred music and love songs, or contribute to the hard, edgy harmonies of a tragic waltz-time ballad, singing harmony vocals and occasional lead.

Leigh played with Patent Pending through most of the 1980s and when time and circumstances allowed rejoined the band in 2008. She's thrilled to be back and the band is thrilled to have her. Leigh, her husband, Ed Kron and stepdaughter Kathryn, now reside in Arlington, Va., in the family home where Leigh and her two brothers were raised.